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Dear Friend,

Have you ever seen a woman you wanted to approach… but the nervousness and hesitation was too much so you just ended up walking away?

Does your lack of experience mean you are unsure about how to make the move or go for the kiss in a way that is completely natural for you AND for her?

Do you have little clue about how to talk, flirt, and interact with women so that they see you as an attractive man they want to be with?

Or are you already successful with women to some extent, but would love to start dating more attractive and higher quality women, instead of just whatever comes to you?

Whatever your situation, we can help you.

Whether you are looking for that one special girl, or you are looking to date lots of women, our coaches have the experience to help you succeed with women.

Now, if you are ready to get this area of your life handled,  the first step is to register for a free coaching session.

We will talk to you, strategize with you personally to evaluate your dating life and work with you collaboratively to create an immediately actionable plan to dramatically improve your dating and sex life.

We take a look at your past successes and failures, what you’re doing now to get dates, what your interactions look like, where you are getting stuck, and what you want to achieve going forward.

Once we have those “raw materials”, We help you come up with a strategic plan of action to immediately increase your success with higher quality women.

There is no charge for this and there’s no catch. If you enjoy the conversation and get value from it, we can discuss coaching packages.

You coaching will consist of these elements and more:


  • Be more Attractive to Women: Women decide within the first few seconds if they will want to sleep with you. The biggest mistake men make is thinking they have to impress her.  Most men believe that women want a man with lots of money, a funny personality, super good looks, and an athletic body.  Although some of those may help, they are not the most important qualities that women are attracted to. Women can spot a sexually attractive man by the way he looks at them, by the way he speaks, by the way he holds himself,  and by the way he seems to “always know what to do”.  We enable men to become more attractive to women without having to pretend to be someone else.
  • Meet Women in ANY situation: There are beautiful and high quality women everywhere.  So what do you do if you see her on the treadmill at your gym?  What do you do if she is eating at a restaurant with her friends?  Or what if she is with a guy but you don’t think they are “together”?  We assist our clients to meet and approach women in a natural and authentic manner.  Once you understand 3 simple principles of female attraction, you will know exactly what to do in no matter where you see her.  (You might even take her breath away)
  • Handling Nervousness and Hesitation when Approaching Women: Let’s say, you see a beautiful woman walking down the street that you want to meet. Most guys get nervous and probably won’t approach her.  We will show you exactly what we do to eliminate the nerves and talk to her with power and CONFIDENCE.
  • Knowing what to say:  Most guys have NO IDEA what to say to women so they never approach them.  We will show you how to introduce yourself and start the conversation in a natural and confident way.  (Hint… it doesn’t require you to use cheesy pickup lines or memorize fake routines.)  This is about communicating from your true masculinity.
  • Staying out of the “Friend Zone”:  Women will see you as just “friends” if you don’t possess the qualities of the man she desires.  We will show you how to express the qualities of an attractive man within the first few minutes of meeting her.  We will reveal how to avoid getting stuck in the “friend zone.”
  • Flirting and Romance: Are you skilled in flirtatious and fun conversation? Do you know how to create sexual tension between you and her? Do you know how to go for the kiss and make the move like a man?  Women want to be swept off their feet and we will show you how to do that (hint… it does not involve buying her flowers, showering her with gifts, or expensive dinners)
  • Getting Her Number and Getting The Date: Have you ever taken a woman’s number but she didn’t respond after you tried contacting her? Or maybe you sent a few texts back and forth but nothing ever came out of it. The main reason for that (there may be other factors) is she did not feel a connection with you.  Understanding how to “connect” with a woman on an intimate level will help your chances of seeing her again.  We will also show you the exact texting/calling sequence we use to smoothly transition from the first interaction… to the date.
  • From The Date To The Bedroom:  Sex is a natural act for both Men AND Women.  Here is where most men mess it up… They wait for the woman to tell them if she is interested.  They wait for her to initiate.  It is the Mans job to lead the relationship and we will show you how to lead all the way from the approach to the bedroom.
  • How To Handle Her Tests: Women will test you and they will always test you.  Many men fail early in the relationship due to their lack of understanding of this concept. She will test to see if you are as confident as you “seem” to be.  She will test your insecurities, beliefs, and boundaries.  We assist our in
  •  Expressing your Confidence and Masculinity: We assist our clients in drastically improving their confidence, both internally and externally. This is not about changing who you are.  This is about becoming the best version of yourself.  We assist our clients in bringing out their true attractive self.

Imagine if you could confidently walk up to any woman and create a flirtatious vibe between the two of you.    What

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Why Should You Hire A Personal Dating Coach?


hot couple Becoming amazing with women is not an intellectual exercise. You have to change your behavior. It’s more than knowledge…it’s about utilizing that knowledge and getting out there and meeting and attracting women. Staying at home reading about how to be better with women doesn’t work. You need to get out there and experience it! Our program is different because we use your own unique personality instead of having you change yourself to be someone else Be careful not to be fooled by other programs that are just marketing tactics and risk the chance of becoming a social robot that spouts off generic lines and routines. Instead, get one on one coaching that is specific to your goals and is custom tailored to fit your personality and bring out your true attractive self. A lot of men want to be with beautiful women, but… most men never take any steps to get this area of their life handled? 

Benefits Of Our Coaching:


NEVER FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO SETTLE OR BE ALONE Do you know someone who settled with a woman out of fear of never finding anyone better? Did you notice how miserable and pathetic his life seemed? Getting with the wrong women can drain your life, career, money, self-esteem, well-being, health, and much more. Don’t let this happen to you! With our coaching you will never have to worry about settling or being alone. You will be the type of man that has options and abundance. Image what it would feel like to be truly fulfilled and happy with your dating life. HUGE INCREASE IN CONFIDENCE AND SELF IMAGE Why be the shy guy in the corner when you can be the guy that everyone loves to be around! When you discover the new set of social skills that we are going to teach you and start having more dating options you will feel better about yourself, which breeds confidence in all aspects of your life. Image what it would feel like to walk around and exude confidence and a strong sense of personal power where ever you go. MEET WOMEN IN ANY SITUATION Ever see a beautiful woman in a hurry? Or on the phone? Or with her mom? Or, with a guy? And thought, “how the heck could I approach her in such a hard situation?” Well, we are going to teach you to approach and SPARK ATTRACTION in any situation even the “hardest”. And guess what? It’s WAY EASIER than you thought! Image if you could confidently walk up to any woman and trigger attraction….wouldn’t that be awesome?! NO MORE FEAR OR ANXIETY Are you the type of guy that freezes up when he sees a beautiful woman? Don’t worry you are not alone. You are going to discover a super simple method to completely DESTROY your approach anxiety and fears of rejection for good. Imagine if you could fearlessly walk up to women and display confidence and power… think she’ll be attracted to you!?

  STRONGER IDENTITY AND SELF WORTH What would it feel like to have a strong solid masculine identity? As men, we sometimes feel like we are defined by our career goals AND our success with women. This is rooted back to our most primal instincts of survival and replication.
Masculine Identity = Career Mission + Success with Women

  When you start to get this part of your life handled, you will begin to see dramatic improvements in your career, relationships with friends and family, health, etc. Image if you had everything in your life in perfect order and harmony, just the way you imagined it. ESCALATE THE INTERACTION AS FAR AS YOU WANT Most men get “stuck” when it’s time to go for a kiss or when it’s type to “take her home”. Can you relate? No big deal, because you will discover how easy it is to “move things further” without any chance of rejection or failure. Imagine if every interaction and date escalates as far as you want and as quickly as you allow. A LIFETIME OF FULFILLMENT Ever wonder why half of all marriages end in divorce? Don’t become another statistic. Learning the skill of attracting women will help you in maintaining a healthy relationship as well. By getting this part of your life handled you’ll begin to live a life of true fulfillment with women. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE RICH OR GOOD LOOKING Ever feel like you’ll never get the women you want because you’re not a Brad Pitt look alike or don’t have the bank account of Donald Trump? Most men end up spending their lives acquiring wealth and muscles to attract women and end up disappointed when they still don’t get the woman they won’t after all their painstaking hard work. Unlike men, attraction goes much further than looks and social status for women. For women, it’s all about emotion and how you make her feel on the inside that triggers attraction. Image if you could instantly stimulate her emotions and trigger intense attraction WITHOUT BEING TALL, RICH OR HANDSOME. Don’t settle living an average boring life like most men! Start understanding what only a handful of elite men know. THIS may the most important thing you ever do!

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