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“I haven’t kissed a girl in 14 years, and I was kissing [one] last night!” ~ Shahid

“When I first came in I had approach anxiety… and with Artisan’s system, you don’t even think about it. You just go… it’s transformed me.” ~ Brian

“The honest, ethical, genuine way you should communicate with women… and not in a way that is deceptive, lying or manipulative… and that’s what I really enjoyed about [this].” ~ Arlus

“I’ve never approached a girl in the day time before, I find it quite intimidating. The first time I did it, I really locked in on the girl… to give her that fairytale moment was something I won’t forget. It was really cool using Matt’s Methods.” ~ Gavin

“I saw this girl, she was hot, opened up the set and [before] you know it we went on an instant date. Every time we did an approach, it became a lot easier.” ~ Damian

“I’ve become more comfortable with rejection and approaching.” ~ Mickey